stra-te-gy: the science of planning and directing… skill in managing or planning

por-tal: a doorway, gate or entrance

We do
Strategic Assessment and Planning.
Stakeholder Engagement.
Issues Management & Advocacy.
Social Media.
Change Management.
Strategic Communications Plans.
Reputation Management.
Public Consultation.
Project Management.
Media Relations.
Public Speaking and Presentations.
Media Training.
Web and Social Media Strategies.
Damage Control.
Crisis Management.
Teams & Processes.
Policy Development.

We Deliver the Right Information to the Right People in the Right Ways

Skill and Experience

We are skilled strategists managing 21st century pathways to success.

Shifting Paradigms

We shift paradigms through effective deployment of 21st century strategies using our unique expertise and experience.

Understanding Complexity

Our speciality is delivering strategies that effectively tackle complex issues involving a diverse range of stakeholders and interests.